Terms and Conditions of booking properties introduced by Sol Domus, Ltd:

Conditions of Agreement Sol Domus

  1. Email confirmation by the Tenant of the Booking constitutes a Rental Contract under Portuguese law for rentals of less than 6 months. The rental rates, dates, number of people, payment terms and security deposit are stipulated in the Booking Emails. The Tenant’s failure to comply with the terms set out in the Booking Emails and this Agreement can result in cancellation of the contract and booking and loss of monies paid. The Person Responsible for the Reservation stated in the Booking Email must be over 21 and is responsible for the whole party.
  2. Sol Domus acts as Agent for the Owner. The contract is between the Owner and the Tenant on the basis of the terms set out in the Booking Emails with Sol Domus and this Agreement. Should the terms set out in the Booking Emails differ from the terms of this Agreement, the terms of the Booking Emails prevail.
  3. The Tenant has the right to use and enjoy the Property including the furniture and fittings for the period agreed in the Booking Emails. He/she undertakes to treat the property and its fittings with the greatest possible care, and immediately to notify the Owner of any damage that is caused to the Property during the Tenancy by the Tenant or his/her party or guests, and if necessary to replace or repair it.
  4. The Tenancy is for quiet enjoyment. Behaviour that provokes a complaint from neighbours will result in termination of the Tenancy without rent rebate.
  5. Should the number of people in the Tenant’s party be less than that confirmed in the Booking Emails, there will be no discount, unless agreed in advance of arrival. The number of people cannot be increased, unless by prior written agreement. The Tenant must provide a list of all occupants at any time.
  6. In the case of unforeseeable damage (e.g. from a burst pipe) the Tenant is obliged to take all reasonable steps to limit its impact and to inform the Owner immediately.
  7. All facilities (e.g. swimming pool, kitchen, play ground) are used at the Tenant’s own risk, and that of his party or guests. Children must be supervised at all times by their parents or whomever else the parents have delegated responsibility.
  8. Additional utilities costs such as water, gas, internet and electricity, if available, are included in the price for normal usage, unless otherwise stated or agreed. In order to encourage responsible usage of energy and water, energy consumption above € 10 per day will be charged at cost. Telephone use, if available, is billed separately unless otherwise agreed.
  9. The Owner can terminate the Tenancy with immediate effect:
    a. If the behaviour of the Tenant, his/her party or guests is unlawful, endangers other people or otherwise breaks the terms of the Booking Emails, these Terms or separate Agreement. The Tenant then forfeits the cost of the rental.
    b. When unforeseeable circumstances make the Tenant’s stay difficult, dangerous or impossible. Should this occur before the start of the Tenancy, all monies will be refunded immediately. Should this occur during the course of the Tenancy, rental costs will be refunded proportionately. No further refunds or compensation will be given. Sol Domus will endeavour to find the Tenant suitable alternative accommodation, but the Tenant is not obliged to accept it.
  10. The liability of the Owner and/or Agent never exceeds the proportion of the rental period which has not been utilized.
  11. To secure a Tenancy, a proportion of the rental cost must be paid on booking, preferably by bank transfer or credit card (with a transaction supplement). All transaction costs are borne by the Tenant.
  12. Cascais and Lisbon Municipalities charge a Tourist Tax that must be collect on their behalf (max €14 per person, €2/adult/day) before or at check-in, Sintra Municipality charge a Tourist Tax that must be collect on their behalf (max €3 per person, €1/adult/day) before or at check-in.
  13. The Tenant is allowed access to the Property once the agreed rental has been paid in full, and only the number of people agreed can stay at the Property and enjoy its facilities. Any monies to be paid on arrival, if any, including the Security Deposit, must be paid in cash.
  14. Guests and parties are allowed only by previous written agreement. This includes guests using any facilities such as the swimming pool or garden. No outside contractors are allowed in the property without previous written agreement. This includes but is not excluded to caterers, cleaners, chefs, cooks, photographers and housekeeping, staff. No commercial activity is allowed at the Property without previous written consent.
  15. A Security Deposit is generally requested one month before arrival via PayPal, and is returned after the end of the Tenancy on condition that no damage has been caused to the Property or its equipment and facilities, and that all keys have been returned.
    a. The Property must be returned in the same condition it was found for the Security Deposit to be fully reimbursed. Furniture must be left in the same place it was found. Properties must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness; if final cleaning exceeds 1 hour per occupant, the Owner reserves the right to withhold the cost of further cleaning at the cost of €15 per hour.
    b. In order to encourage responsible usage of energy and water, energy consumption above € 10 per day will be charged at cost
  16. The Tenant’s Liability is not limited to the Security Deposit. Should damages caused by the Tenant result in Bookings having to be cancelled, the Tenant is also liable for loss of commercial income.
  17. The rental Property and facilities, including the furniture and other contents, are to be treated with care. The Tenant is held responsible for the actions of other people in his/her party, including any guests or visitors they might have, within the house and grounds. The Tenant is liable for any damaged goods, damage to the Property or damage to anything else related to the Property, whether caused by him/her his/her party or their guests or visitors.
  18. Alterations to this Agreement have no validity unless they have been expressly confirmed by Sol Domus in writing.
  19. No pets are allowed, unless agreed in writing or email correspondence.
  20. Smoking is expressly prohibited in all bedrooms in all Properties.
  21. The Property is let with clean linen and towels provided for the number of people confirmed in the Booking Emails.
  22. Normal arrival and departure times are as follows unless otherwise agreed or notified: check-in between 4pm and 6pm; check-out between 9am and 10am. Arrival and departure outside theses times may be possible and subject to a fee.
  23. Should the Tenant:
    a. Alter the booking or cancel more than 6 months prior to arrival date, an administration fee of Euro100 is applied by Sol Domus.
    b. Cancel between 3 to 6 months prior to arrival, a cancellation fee of Euro100 or 10% of the booking, whichever is the greater, is applied.
    c. Cancel within 3 months of arrival, reimbursement is discretionary depending on whether the property is re-let.
    d. The Euro100 administration fee is apllied to all cancellations and alterations.
  24. We strongly recommend that the tenant takes Travel Insurance, including cancellation insurance. Sol Domus agrees to pass on relevant information to the Tenant’s Insurers in the event of a cancellation to assist his/her claim for reimbursement.
  25. The place of jurisdiction for all parties is the country in which the property is located.
  26. The invalidity of separate clauses of this agreement does not result in the invalidity of the whole agreement.
  27. For purposes of Notification, Sol Domus email is info@sol-domus.com and the tenants email is the email provided in the Booking Emails.