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Restaurant Suggestions to eat in Cascais Downtown

The Cascais downtown has several options of places to eat, which makes it very hard to choose, nevertheless we did our best to pick the most exquisite ones.

Baía do Peixe

If you feeling like eating fish or seafood this is a restaurant you cannot miss. The ground floor is dedicated to fish and we strongly advise to try the rotation of fish. On the first floor the main dish is the rotation of seafood, which comprises: Crab, shrimp, percebes, búzios, oysters and clams. Book a table:        +(351) 21 486 5157



If you want to eat here, we recommend you make a reservation, on weekends it is a hit restaurant and is usually crowded. The main attraction is the “petiscos” to share with friends. After 9 PM on Fridays and Saturdays you can enjoy some DJ sets. To book a table: +(351) 915 546 537


Mar do Inferno

Another Portuguese typical food restaurant, here you can find the best fish and seafood. If the food did not convince you yet, note that you have a great view to Boca do Inferno. To book a table: +(351) 21 483 2218


The Cru

For our vegetarian, vegan or just healthy food lover guests we recommend this restaurant. The food is super tasty, very photogenic and all the dishes are gluten, lactose, sugar and processed free. Tip: In the end of your meal make a visit to the grocery of the restaurant and choose some items to take home. To book a table: +(351) 927 760 739


Pizzaria Luzzo

For the pizza lovers we recommend Pizzaria Luzzo.  If you feeling like eating something else, choose between their carpaccio or many salads. To book a table: +(351) 21 162 2313


Ka sushi Cave

Spoiler alert: it really looks like a cave and the sushi is great. Besides that if sushi is not your beach try one of the many hot dishes, we recommend the Ramen. To book a table: +(351) 918 728 509


La Contessa – Carpaccio House

If you enjoy eating carpaccio and want to try something different, please go here. They also have ceviche and tartare.  To book a table: +(351) 914 574 446

Miguel Araújo’s Concert in Estoril


When: 19th May 2018

Where: Casino Estoril



Miguel Araújo is one of the most complete artists of the new generation. He is considered one of the great names of Portuguese music, standing out as a composer, lyricist, singer and musician, being successful in each of these strands that make up his multi-faceted and eclectic career.

Casino Estoril’s Salão Preto e Prata hosts Miguel Araújo’s concert, where he will perform many hits from his last album, as well as the well known hits, such as “Os Maridos das Outras”, “Dona Laura” or “Recantiga”.

The capital city of Portugal is an illuminated city that boasts springtime temperatures during winter and cool summers. Sunshine is a constant and the river Tagus is like a mirror reflecting thousands of colours and highlighting its unique design and beautiful cityscape.  This is one of the few cities in Europe with both a river and a coast line- this is actually where the river meets the ocean.

Walking around Lisbon is taking a tour through history: The city is divided into quarters each one still maintaining their old traditions and streets are filled with ancient monuments and local architecture.

The quarter of Belem is an excellent start point for a visit to Lisbon. There you can find monuments that recall the glorious past of the Portuguese sea adventures and discoveries throughout the world during the 15th and 16th century.  Some really imposing examples are the tower of Belem, the “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” and the Monastery of the Hieronymites.

The picturesque quarters of Alfama and Mouraria are also a surprise to the ones visiting Lisbon for the first time. The narrow, paved streets with clothes hanging from the windows of the tall buildings, recall the old Moorish cities that in this case have remained untouched. From there you can easily reach the castle which is a focal point in the city’s heart.  The 12th century building overlooks the city and is only a few steps away from the Baixa Pombalina, the busy and trendy downtown where everything happens. Walking along the river you will easily find the modern complex of Parque das Nações, a contemporary public park built for the 1998 world exhibition dedicated to theme of the oceans and the seafaring discoveries.

To end the day perfectly, go to a Fado House. Fado is the national Portuguese song, made out of melancholic tunes and beautiful love stories. Almost all Fado Houses serve some traditional appetizers and good quality Portuguese wine.

You will be surprised with the variety this city has to offer.


This is a favourite subject in Lisbon. The Portuguese are always ready for a nice meal with friends or just a mid morning snack out in one of the numerous terraces and plazas of the city.

Fresh grilled sardines or dry salted cod cooked in various ways are well known as national dishes but in Lisbon they seem to taste even better.  Fish and meat stews such as “caldeirada” or “cozido à portuguesa” are good examples of the hearty, comfort food served in Portuguese restaurants that will leave a smile on your face.

If you have rather a sweet tooth you should go for some “pasteis de nata”: A kind of round custard tart in a filo pastry case sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. Best served warm, if possible buy in Belem at the factory of “Pastéis de Belém“. One will never be enough.

Sports and Outdoor activities

Visiting Lisbon means long walks along the city’s 7 hills or taking the tram and exploring the city like a local would. The Tagus riverfront is totally dedicated to the outdoors and leisure activities stretching from the historical Belem to the contemporary Parque das Naçoes. Hiring a bike, a segway or even a scooter can be an excellent way to move around.  On the other hand Sintra and Cascais are just a short drive (or train journey) away.  Golf and tennis courses, the beaches where you can go surfing or kite surfing or even mountaineering or trekking are available all year round in and around Lisbon.

Business and Events

Lisbon is the perfect city mix business and leisure. Business tourism is well developed in the cosmopolitan Lisbon of the 21st century and there is a wide choice of venues available in the city to welcome all kinds of business events throughout the year.  Some very important international events have been organized in recent years in Lisbon in places like FIL, the Lisbon Casino and the Pavilhão Atlântico.

Events and festivities

Lisbon is a thriving city where there is always something happening. Whether it is a music festival, a theatre show or a dance event Lisbon has something to offer to everyone. The city’s life is a perfect mix between tradition and modernity and young generations still celebrate the same festivities as their parents, but with a modern twist.


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Cascais and Estoril


While it has been well know for centuries as a small fishing port, Cascais has changed so much during the last 100 years that has developed to become one of the favourite tourist destinations in Portugal.  Going to Cascais means to sense a cosmopolitan atmosphere without missing the local flavour.

Cascais bay is probably the town’s greatest attraction and a stroll around the pathways that circle it is well worthwhile. Cascais is a land of permanent contrasts between tradition and modernity well present, for example, in the vivid colours of the small fishing boats sprinkled around the shore and the yachts and sail boats parked at the yacht club just in front.

Cascais and Estoril boast such a wide variety of both cultural and leisure activities that no one will ever be bored or disappointed.  The unique geographic characteristics of this region, its excellent weather conditions and its luxuriant green landscapes ensure unforgettable stays to every visitor.

In the whole of Costa do Estoril (including Cascais and stretching as far as Oeiras) the number of sunny hours throughout the year can be quite impressive: about 2,600! So don’t be surprised if you come across locals sunbathing or having a swim in mid October or even November.

Words just aren’t enough to describe the Costa dos Estoril: Romantic, cosmopolitan, entertaining and full of character it is considered by many as the Portuguese Riviera.


One particular touristic attraction of the area is the food. The fish and shell fish in this region are considered the freshest in the whole country. Once here one can’t help trying some of the most traditional dishes such as: steamed lobster; grilled sea bass, white bream or the unforgettable grilled sole of Cascais.

Sports and outdoor activities

Adrenalin is a constant in Cascais and Estoril and there is always something new to experiment every time.  Some of the main sports attractions include:

  • The race track in Autódromo do Estoril: the most important in the country, it hosts every year some amazing national and international motorcycle race competitions.
  • Golf courses:  A wide choice of golf courses with both excellent locations and infrastructures is available in Cascais and Estoril causing the region to be one of the most sought after golf destinations in Portugal.
  • Sea related sports:  This is the region where the Atlantic Ocean meets Tagus River thus making these waters ideal for a family holiday or a sports break. Surfing in Carcavelos , Windsurfing in Guincho or yachting in Cascais are just some of the activities you can engage into when visiting the area.


The attractions of this region are not confined to the sea and the extraordinary coast line. The historical heritage of the picturesque town of Cascais, and its importance as a contributor for the cultural life of the region offering museums, exhibitions, architecture and various shows are one of the main reasons why tourism in the coast of Lisbon has developed so much in the past decades.

The Casino of Estoril is one of the largest in Europe offers visitors an amazing experience, not only at gamming level but also as an important venue for different moments of entertainment such as plays, musicals, concerts and other shows.

Nature is also one main attraction in Costa do Estoril and the luxuriantly green Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais (the Protected Area of Sintra-Cascais) represents the perfect complement for the blue sea embracing the area. Professional guided tours, biking tours and other kind of tailor made tours are available every day all year round.

Business and Events

Culture and entertainment were always present in Cascais and Estoril. Here there is a tradition of organising business tourism events, from seminars and conferences to international level meetings and events.  In recent years the region has developed so many important services and support facilities- such as the Congress Centre in Estoril- that it is now a preferred business/leisure destination for many important companies across the world.



Sintra is a beautiful town located at the foot of a mountain range and surrounded by dramatic views over the woods and the sea.  It is classified by UNESCO as world heritage in the category “cultural landscape” and the moment you lay your eyes on it, you will understand why.

The richness of the nature of the Sintra-Cascais National Park surrounding the historic buildings both in town and in the mountains together with a very particular microclimate, make this place a magical one where for centuries kings and aristocrats chose to live in.

Much appreciated by kings and nobles as a country resort Sintra has also been praised numerous times by famous artists who felt inspired by the bucolic feel of the town.

A visit to Sintra must start in the steep, narrow and paved streets of the old town.  Some singular little shops as well as many old aristocratic residences peek in every corner. It is also within the old town that the Toy Museum and the National Palace of Sintra, with its outstanding chimneys are located.  The Palace of Seteais and Monserrate famous by their architectural design and unique gardens are also some of the beautiful sighs the town has to offer.


Sintra’s confectionery is worthy of a special mention namely the “travesseiros” and the “queijadas”. The first ones are filo pastry made rolls filled with a delicious almond and egg cream.  The seconds are a kind of a miniature cheese cake covered with an almond and cinnamon paste.

Fresh fish and shellfish are available throughout the year and the best restaurants are also wonderfully located by the beaches in Sintra.

Sports and Outdoor activities

Sintra is a synonym for outdoor living. Whether you are in for some radical sports or just for some walks in the park, there is a choice for everyone in and around Sintra.

Some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches of Lisbon’s coast are within the surroundings. The list is long: Praia das Maças, Praia Grande, Praia da Adraga but also purely stunning views such as Cabo da Roca- the western most point of mainland Europe- or the picturesque village of Azenhas do Mar, inset in a cliff and with a reputation of having the freshest fish in the region.


Sintra is well known to be a cultural town, there is always a play, an exhibition or a concert going on at Olga Cadaval Cultural Centre. The town frequently hosts many free open air dance, music and theatre shows, especially during the summer.

Don’t miss out the best example of the Romanesque period in Portugal, the Palace of Pena in the summit of one of the mountains in Sintra very close to the Moorish ruins of a castle overlooking the valley.

Guided biking or hiking tours along the hills of Sintra or along the steep old streets or the town centre are available throughout the year- you’ll find them really useful when looking for the most amazing view points, the best restaurants or the perfect antiques in one of the many little shops in town.

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